Monkey Man + The Pink City

I’d heard a lot about ‘The Pink City’ which is one of the reasons I’d come to Jaipur, though I actually knew nothing about it. The name for me conjured folkloric images… an assortment of mystical, old buildings inside a crumbling fortified city that glow pink in the sun… Some say it’s an unexplained opticalContinue reading “Monkey Man + The Pink City”

What The Hell Am I Doing Drinking in Jaipur?

My hostel is called Moustache Jaipur. No idea why. It’s relaxed, has a great rooftop open air restaurant and a reception area full of soft futons that look like if you sit on them they will ooze the oily grime from a thousand backpackers’ sweaty bodies. So, I know it’s a solid backpacker hostel. InContinue reading “What The Hell Am I Doing Drinking in Jaipur?”

The Wandering Cobbler

Sometimes the overly-paranoid-whilst-travelling Bratt gene leads you to make stupid self-sabotaging decisions. Here’s an example: at Delhi train station I discover that the sole of my shitty converse shoe is hanging off. A wandering cobbler (he looks nomadic and he’s touting shoe fixing services, he’s a wandering cobbler) notices too and tells me he’ll ‘giveContinue reading “The Wandering Cobbler”